Marketing Monday Tip: Create a Unique Spotify Playlist

KFC France recently created its own playlist for Spotify that
includes a variety of hip-hop songs that mention the brand.
Surprisingly, the fried chicken restaurant has call-outs in over 46
songs from artists such as Kanye West, Diplo, Drake, Kendrick
Lamar, and more. The company also encouraged participation by
allowing followers to suggest additional songs on social media that
aren’t yet included in the playlist.

KFC further spurred interest in the playlist with its use of
out-of-home marketing, including billboards and signs posted around
city streets to promote the playlist. This is a great way to catch
people who may be listening on their commute, in the car, or while

Why should you care?

Spotify playlists are the new mixtapes and burned CDs of the
past. If you’ve ever received a personally created mix of songs
from a friend, then you know the feeling. A brand-curated playlist
is a great way to connect with customers, or guests, in a more
emotional way. Although smaller hotel brands won’t have as much
luck finding songs that mention them, they can still curate
playlists that align with their brands.

Advertise the playlist on your hotel website, around the
property, and in guest rooms as an inexpensive way to further
connect your brand with your guests.

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Marketing Monday Tip: Create a Unique Spotify Playlist
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Marketing Monday Tip: Create a Unique Spotify Playlist