Employee Spotlight: Leah Spencer, Senior Project Manager

Every month, we turn the spotlight on one of the team members
responsible for bringing our industry-leading products and services
to life. This month, meet Leah Spencer, Senior Project Manager at
NextGuest Labs.


What’s your role at NextGuest Labs, and what are some
of your responsibilities?

I’m a Senior Project Manager on the Labs side, but I work on
projects that span across all of NextGuest’s business units. As a
PM, I’m always responsible for ensuring our deliverables are on
time and on budget.


What did you do before working at

I’ve worked at both large and small ad agencies, as well as on
the corporate side. I’ve always stayed in Project
Management/Digital, and most recently I worked on the Digital
Experience team at Sabre Hospitality.


What’s your favorite thing about your

I enjoy the challenges that Project Management can bring, and as
an extrovert, I love that it’s a people-oriented role. Something
a lot of people may not realize is that being a PM is highly
strategic and people-driven — you’re constantly dealing with
many personalities and a range of experience levels, from
entry-level to executive, so it’s important to get to know each
and every person, their quirks, and their likes and dislikes.
Forming a bond with the team has helped me achieve trust among my
colleagues and has helped us create work that we’re proud to
deliver to clients.


What’s your favorite destination you’ve traveled to
and why?

Oh my goodness, hands down Whitefish, Montana! My husband and I
traveled there last summer for a close friend’s wedding, and we
were completely enchanted. We flew into Missoula and drove two
hours up to Whitefish. There’s a HUGE natural lake there called
Flathead, and much of our two-hour drive was just around the lake.
It was beautiful! Also, we spent some time in Glacier National
Park, which is full of breathtaking mountains, waterfalls, and yes
— bears. We didn’t see one, but you better believe us Texans
had our bear spray ready!


What’s an essential item you can’t travel

Well, if I’m traveling without kids, I need to have a good
book or two. If we have the kids, I hit up the dollar spot at
Target beforehand to load up on small toys for them to be
“wowed” by throughout the flight. And of course, my son must
have a tablet for (mostly our) sanity purposes!

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Employee Spotlight: Leah Spencer, Senior Project Manager

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Employee Spotlight: Leah Spencer, Senior Project Manager