Best Western Weston Hall puts guest safety first with TLJ keyClean

Electronic lock specialist TLJ’s approach to the very real
challenge of dirty and contaminated key cards is clean, simple and
highly effective.

No messy buckets of
smelly disinfectant here; TLJ’s
keyClean sanitiser oven
uses UV-C light and Ozone
technology to quickly and effectively destroy viruses and bacteria
on all types of plastic key cards. Small enough to sit on a front
desk or reception, its reassuring presence gives wary guests the
confidence that the hotel is taking infection control

For a limited time, TLJ are giving away a free accessory
with every oven purchased. This includes key card tray
holding up to 84 cards, a pair of handling tongs, 500 keyClean
pouches and 100 disposable gloves. You can find out more and

buy now at TLJ’s webshop.

Two more products from TLJ’s AntiBac range have also been
installed at the hotel.

antiBac handle coating
is laboratory tested to provide
5-year guaranteed protection against viruses and bacteria.
TLJ’s specially treated door hardware at Weston Hall uses a
Titanium Oxide nano-tech coating which is simply light-activated.
It needs no special maintenance, is easily cleaned and doesn’t
affect the look or performance of the door or lockset.


The third product installed at Weston Hall is
TLJ’s Mobile Keys
solution. With a straightforward
upgrade to their existing locksets, it removes the need for
physical keys altogether by allowing guests to use their own
smartphone to open the door. They simply download the TLJ Mobile
Keys app, the front desk issues them with a secure digital key and
– when in range of the lock – their phone instructs it to open.
Not only is this massively convenient, it also eliminates the need
for key cards or other physical access tokens to be passed from
person to person, reducing the risk of infection.


Working together towards a safe re-opening

TLJ provide access
control for many Best Western sites across the UK. The management
at Weston Hall were keen to explore a range of solutions for this
magnificent 16th Century building as they geared up for

Following the successful installation at Weston Hall, owner
Simon Evans said: “We are a hotel that prides itself on offering
the home-from-home guest experience. As such we are welcoming
guests every day and consider their safety and well-being to be our
number one priority.

“TLJ’s proposition was attractive not only because it
offered a holistic solution, but also because it went beyond just a
range of products. It’s a way of working that will help us
promote the highest levels of safety and cleanliness throughout the

TLJ’s Chief Technical Officer, Luke Martin, added: “These
unprecedented times for the hotel industry call for unprecedented
solutions. Of course, we’re delighted that Best Western Weston
Hall chose TLJ, but at the same time we genuinely want this
approach to work for all our customers.

“We’re confident that the entire antiBac range is a major
contribution to a hotel’s cleanliness regime. It means peace of
mind for guests and staff and, not least, provides a powerful
marking tool that gives the hotel a competitive edge.

“In these difficult times we must all ‘adapt to thrive’
and I like to think TLJ’s antiBac range can play a small part in

More details on TLJ’s full antiBac range can be found
, and they can be contacted directly on 01482 830334,

Source: FS – All-Hotels-Blogs
Best Western Weston Hall puts guest safety first with TLJ